tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
TextSnippet Class Reference

Inherited by PlainTagHandler.PlainSnippet.

Public Member Functions

 TextSnippet (string text, Color color, float scale=1f)
 TextSnippet (string text="")
virtual TextSnippet CopyMorph (string newText)
virtual float GetStringLength (DynamicSpriteFont font)
virtual Color GetVisibleColor ()
virtual void OnClick ()
virtual void OnHover ()
override string ToString ()
virtual bool UniqueDraw (bool justCheckingString, out Vector2 size, SpriteBatch spriteBatch, Vector2 position=default(Vector2), Color color=default(Color), float scale=1f)
virtual void Update ()

Public Attributes

bool CheckForHover
Color Color = Color.White
bool DeleteWhole
float Scale = 1f
string Text
string TextOriginal