tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
TileDefinition Class Reference

Inherits EntityDefinition.

Public Member Functions

 TileDefinition (int type)
 Note: As ModConfig loads before other content, make sure to only use TileDefinition(string, string) for modded content in ModConfig classes.
 TileDefinition (string key)
 TileDefinition (string mod, string name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EntityDefinition
 EntityDefinition (string key)
 EntityDefinition (string mod, string name)
override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
TagCompound SerializeData ()
override string ToString ()
TagCompound SerializeData ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TileDefinition FromString (string s)
static TileDefinition Load (TagCompound tag)

Static Public Attributes

static readonly Func< TagCompound, TileDefinitionDESERIALIZER = Load


override string DisplayName [get]
override bool IsUnloaded [get]
override int Type [get]
- Properties inherited from EntityDefinition
virtual string DisplayName [get]
virtual bool IsUnloaded [get]
abstract int Type [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from EntityDefinition
string Mod
string Name