tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
TileEntry Class Reference

Inherits ModEntry.

Public Member Functions

 TileEntry (ModTile tile)
 TileEntry (TagCompound tag)
override TagCompound SerializeData ()
virtual TagCompound SerializeData ()
TagCompound SerializeData ()

Public Attributes

bool frameImportant
- Public Attributes inherited from ModEntry
ushort loadedType
string modName
string name
ushort type
string unloadedType
ushort vanillaReplacementType

Static Public Attributes

static Func< TagCompound, TileEntryDESERIALIZER = tag => new TileEntry(tag)

Protected Member Functions

override string GetUnloadedType (ushort type)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ModEntry
 ModEntry (ModBlockType block)
 ModEntry (TagCompound tag)
abstract string GetUnloadedType (ushort type)


override string DefaultUnloadedType [get]
- Properties inherited from ModEntry
abstract string DefaultUnloadedType [get]
bool IsUnloaded [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetUnloadedType()

override string TileEntry.GetUnloadedType ( ushort  type)

Implements ModEntry.

◆ SerializeData()

override TagCompound TileEntry.SerializeData ( )

Reimplemented from ModEntry.