tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
TileObjectData Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 TileObjectData (TileObjectData copyFrom=null)
int CalculatePlacementStyle (int style, int alternate, int random)
void CopyFrom (TileObjectData copy)
void FullCopyFrom (TileObjectData copy)
void FullCopyFrom (ushort tileType)
bool isValidAlternateAnchor (int type)
bool isValidTileAnchor (int type)
bool isValidWallAnchor (int type)
bool LiquidPlace (Tile checkTile, bool checkStay=false)

Static Public Member Functions

static void addAlternate (int baseStyle)
static void addSubTile (params int[] styles)
static void addTile (int tileType)
static bool CallPostPlacementPlayerHook (int tileX, int tileY, int type, int style, int dir, int alternate, TileObject data)
static bool CheckLavaDeath (int type, int style)
static bool CheckLavaDeath (Tile checkTile)
static bool CheckLiquidPlacement (int type, int style, Tile checkTile)
static bool CheckWaterDeath (int type, int style)
static bool CheckWaterDeath (Tile checkTile)
static bool CustomPlace (int type, int style)
static void FixNewTile ()
static TileObjectData GetTileData (int type, int style, int alternate=0)
static TileObjectData GetTileData (Tile getTile)
static void GetTileInfo (Tile getTile, ref int style, ref int alternate)
static int GetTileStyle (Tile getTile)
static void Initialize ()
static bool LiquidPlace (int type, Tile checkTile)
static void OriginToTopLeft (int type, int style, ref Point16 baseCoords)
static int PlatformFrameWidth ()
static void SyncObjectPlacement (int tileX, int tileY, int type, int style, int dir)

Static Public Attributes

static TileObjectData newAlternate
static TileObjectData newSubTile
static TileObjectData newTile
static TileObjectData Style1x1
static TileObjectData Style1x2
static TileObjectData Style1x2Top
static TileObjectData Style1xX
static TileObjectData Style2x1
static TileObjectData Style2x2
static TileObjectData Style2xX
static TileObjectData Style3x2
static TileObjectData Style3x3
static TileObjectData Style3x3Wall
static TileObjectData Style3x4
static TileObjectData Style4x2
static TileObjectData Style5x4
static TileObjectData Style6x3
static TileObjectData StyleAlch
static TileObjectData StyleDye
static TileObjectData StyleOnTable1x1
static TileObjectData StyleSmallCage
static TileObjectData StyleSwitch
static TileObjectData StyleTorch


int AlternatesCount [get]
int[] AnchorAlternateTiles [get, set]
AnchorData AnchorBottom [get, set]
int[] AnchorInvalidTiles [get, set]
AnchorData AnchorLeft [get, set]
AnchorData AnchorRight [get, set]
AnchorData AnchorTop [get, set]
int[] AnchorValidTiles [get, set]
int[] AnchorValidWalls [get, set]
bool AnchorWall [get, set]
int CoordinateFullHeight [get]
int CoordinateFullWidth [get]
int[] CoordinateHeights [get, set]
int CoordinatePadding [get, set]
Point16 CoordinatePaddingFix [get, set]
int CoordinateWidth [get, set]
TileObjectDirection Direction [get, set]
bool DrawFlipHorizontal [get, set]
bool DrawFlipVertical [get, set]
int DrawStepDown [get, set]
int DrawStyleOffset [get, set]
int DrawXOffset [get, set]
int DrawYOffset [get, set]
bool FlattenAnchors [get, set]
int Height [get, set]
PlacementHook HookCheckIfCanPlace [get, set]
PlacementHook HookPlaceOverride [get, set]
PlacementHook HookPostPlaceEveryone [get, set]
PlacementHook HookPostPlaceMyPlayer [get, set]
bool LavaDeath [get, set]
LiquidPlacement LavaPlacement [get, set]
bool LinkedAlternates [get, set]
Point16 Origin [get, set]
int RandomStyleRange [get, set]
int[] SpecificRandomStyles [get, set]
int Style [get, set]
bool StyleHorizontal [get, set]
int StyleLineSkip [get, set]
int? styleLineSkipVisualOverride [get, set]
int StyleMultiplier [get, set]
int StyleWrapLimit [get, set]
int? StyleWrapLimitVisualOverride [get, set]
bool UsesCustomCanPlace [get, set]
bool WaterDeath [get, set]
LiquidPlacement WaterPlacement [get, set]
int Width [get, set]