tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
TilePaintSystemV2 Class Reference


class  ARenderTargetHolder
class  TileRenderTargetHolder
struct  TileVariationkey
class  TreeBranchTargetHolder
struct  TreeFoliageVariantKey
class  TreeTopRenderTargetHolder
class  WallRenderTargetHolder
struct  WallVariationKey

Public Member Functions

void PrepareAllRequests ()
void RequestTile (ref TileVariationkey lookupKey)
void RequestTreeBranch (ref TreeFoliageVariantKey lookupKey)
void RequestTreeTop (ref TreeFoliageVariantKey lookupKey)
void RequestWall (ref WallVariationKey lookupKey)
void Reset ()
Texture2D TryGetTileAndRequestIfNotReady (int tileType, int tileStyle, int paintColor)
Texture2D TryGetTreeBranchAndRequestIfNotReady (int treeTopIndex, int treeTopStyle, int paintColor)
Texture2D TryGetTreeTopAndRequestIfNotReady (int treeTopIndex, int treeTopStyle, int paintColor)
Texture2D TryGetWallAndRequestIfNotReady (int wallType, int paintColor)