tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
TriggerNames Class Reference

Static Public Attributes

const string Down = "Down"
const string DpadMouseSnap1 = "DpadSnap1"
const string DpadMouseSnap2 = "DpadSnap2"
const string DpadMouseSnap3 = "DpadSnap3"
const string DpadMouseSnap4 = "DpadSnap4"
const string DpadRadial1 = "DpadRadial1"
const string DpadRadial2 = "DpadRadial2"
const string DpadRadial3 = "DpadRadial3"
const string DpadRadial4 = "DpadRadial4"
const string Grapple = "Grapple"
const string Hotbar1 = "Hotbar1"
const string Hotbar10 = "Hotbar10"
const string Hotbar2 = "Hotbar2"
const string Hotbar3 = "Hotbar3"
const string Hotbar4 = "Hotbar4"
const string Hotbar5 = "Hotbar5"
const string Hotbar6 = "Hotbar6"
const string Hotbar7 = "Hotbar7"
const string Hotbar8 = "Hotbar8"
const string Hotbar9 = "Hotbar9"
const string HotbarMinus = "HotbarMinus"
const string HotbarPlus = "HotbarPlus"
const string Inventory = "Inventory"
const string Jump = "Jump"
const string Left = "Left"
const string Loadout1 = "Loadout1"
const string Loadout2 = "Loadout2"
const string Loadout3 = "Loadout3"
const string LockOn = "LockOn"
const string MapAlphaDown = "MapAlphaDown"
const string MapAlphaUp = "MapAlphaUp"
const string MapFull = "MapFull"
const string MapStyle = "MapStyle"
const string MapZoomIn = "MapZoomIn"
const string MapZoomOut = "MapZoomOut"
const string MenuDown = "MenuDown"
const string MenuLeft = "MenuLeft"
const string MenuRight = "MenuRight"
const string MenuUp = "MenuUp"
const string MouseLeft = "MouseLeft"
const string MouseMiddle = "MouseMiddle"
const string MouseRight = "MouseRight"
const string MouseXButton1 = "MouseXButton1"
const string MouseXButton2 = "MouseXButton2"
const string QuickBuff = "QuickBuff"
const string QuickHeal = "QuickHeal"
const string QuickMana = "QuickMana"
const string QuickMount = "QuickMount"
const string RadialHotbar = "RadialHotbar"
const string RadialQuickbar = "RadialQuickbar"
const string Right = "Right"
const string SmartCursor = "SmartCursor"
const string SmartSelect = "SmartSelect"
const string Throw = "Throw"
const string ToggleCameraMode = "ToggleCameraMode"
const string ToggleCreativeMenu = "ToggleCreativeMenu"
const string Up = "Up"
const string ViewZoomIn = "ViewZoomIn"
const string ViewZoomOut = "ViewZoomOut"