tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
TriggersSet Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void CloneFrom (TriggersSet other)
void CopyInto (Player p)
void CopyIntoDuringChat (Player p)
Vector2 GetNavigatorDirections ()
void Reset ()
void SetupKeys ()

Public Attributes

int HotbarHoldTime
int HotbarScrollCD
Dictionary< string, bool > KeyStatus = new Dictionary<string, bool>()
Dictionary< string, InputMode > LatestInputMode = new Dictionary<string, InputMode>()
bool UsedMovementKey = true


Vector2 DirectionsRaw [get]
bool Down [get, set]
bool DpadMouseSnap1 [get, set]
bool DpadMouseSnap2 [get, set]
bool DpadMouseSnap3 [get, set]
bool DpadMouseSnap4 [get, set]
bool DpadRadial1 [get, set]
bool DpadRadial2 [get, set]
bool DpadRadial3 [get, set]
bool DpadRadial4 [get, set]
bool Grapple [get, set]
bool Hotbar1 [get, set]
bool Hotbar10 [get, set]
bool Hotbar2 [get, set]
bool Hotbar3 [get, set]
bool Hotbar4 [get, set]
bool Hotbar5 [get, set]
bool Hotbar6 [get, set]
bool Hotbar7 [get, set]
bool Hotbar8 [get, set]
bool Hotbar9 [get, set]
bool HotbarMinus [get, set]
bool HotbarPlus [get, set]
bool Inventory [get, set]
bool Jump [get, set]
bool Left [get, set]
bool Loadout1 [get, set]
bool Loadout2 [get, set]
bool Loadout3 [get, set]
bool LockOn [get, set]
bool MapAlphaDown [get, set]
bool MapAlphaUp [get, set]
bool MapFull [get, set]
bool MapStyle [get, set]
bool MapZoomIn [get, set]
bool MapZoomOut [get, set]
bool MenuDown [get, set]
bool MenuLeft [get, set]
bool MenuRight [get, set]
bool MenuUp [get, set]
bool MouseLeft [get, set]
bool MouseMiddle [get, set]
bool MouseRight [get, set]
bool MouseXButton1 [get, set]
bool MouseXButton2 [get, set]
bool OpenCreativePowersMenu [get, set]
bool QuickBuff [get, set]
bool QuickHeal [get, set]
bool QuickMana [get, set]
bool QuickMount [get, set]
bool RadialHotbar [get, set]
bool RadialQuickbar [get, set]
bool Right [get, set]
bool SmartCursor [get, set]
bool SmartSelect [get, set]
bool Throw [get, set]
bool ToggleCameraMode [get, set]
bool Up [get, set]
bool ViewZoomIn [get, set]
bool ViewZoomOut [get, set]