tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
UILinkPointNavigator Class Reference


class  Shortcuts

Static Public Member Functions

static void ChangePage (int PageID)
static void ChangePoint (int PointID)
static void ClearSuggestion ()
static void ConsumeSuggestion ()
static void ConsumeSuggestionSwap ()
static void ForceMovementCooldown (int time)
static string GetInstructions ()
static void GoToDefaultPage (int specialFlag=0)
static void ProcessChanges ()
static void RegisterPage (UILinkPage page, int ID, bool automatedDefault=true)
static void ResetFlagsEnd ()
static void SetPosition (int ID, Vector2 Position)
static void SuggestUsage (int PointID)
static void SwapToSuggestion ()
static void Update ()

Static Public Attributes

static int CurrentPage = 1000
static bool InUse
static int OldPage = 1000
static int OverridePoint = -1
static Dictionary< int, UILinkPagePages = new Dictionary<int, UILinkPage>()
static Dictionary< int, UILinkPointPoints = new Dictionary<int, UILinkPoint>()


static bool Available [get]
static int CurrentPoint [get]