tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
WorkshopHelper Class Reference


class  ModPublisherInstance
class  QueryHelper
class  UGCBased

Static Public Member Functions

static string GetWorkshopFolder (AppId_t app)
 Priority is given to "-steamworkshopfolder" argument to ensure if someone has a custom steamapps/workshop folder away from tml, it can be found If SteamClient is true (ie it is a steam user running a client or host&play), InstallDir: SteamFiles/Steamapps/common/tModLoader is GetAppInstallDir WorkshopFolder: SteamFiles/Steamapps/workshop is Path.Combine(GetAppInstallDir, .., .., Workshop) If SteamClient is false, SteamAvailable = True -> Is FamilyShare or GoG Client. SteamedWraps.FamilyShare differentiates if needed InstallDir: anywhere, manual. WorkshopFolder: InstallDir/Steamapps/workshop If Main.DedServ is true Use SteamClient reference path if it exists && Not "-nosteam" supplied Use NotSteamClient working folder path if "-nosteam" supplied or SteamClient ref path not exists