tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
WorkshopIssueReporter Class Reference

Inherits IProvideReports.

Public Member Functions

List< IssueReportGetReports ()
void ReportDelayedUploadProblem (string textKey)
void ReportDelayedUploadProblemWithoutKnownReason (string textKey, string reasonValue)
void ReportDownloadProblem (string textKey, string path, Exception exception)
void ReportInstantUploadProblem (string textKey)
void ReportInstantUploadProblemFromValue (string text)
void ReportManifestCreationProblem (string textKey, Exception exception)
List< IssueReportGetReports ()


Action OnNeedToNotifyUI
Action OnNeedToOpenUI

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetReports()

List< IssueReport > WorkshopIssueReporter.GetReports ( )

Implements IProvideReports.