tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
WorldFileData Class Reference

Inherits FileData.

Public Member Functions

 WorldFileData (string path, bool cloudSave)
void CopyToLocal (string newFileName=null, string newDisplayName=null)
string GetFullSeedText (bool allowCropping=false)
string GetWorldName (bool allowCropping=false)
override void MoveToCloud ()
override void MoveToLocal ()
void Rename (string newDisplayName)
override void SetAsActive ()
void SetSeed (string seedText)
void SetSeedToEmpty ()
void SetSeedToRandom ()
void SetWorldSize (int x, int y)
bool TryGetHeaderData (ModSystem system, out TagCompound data)
bool TryGetHeaderData< T > (out TagCompound data)
bool TryGetModVersionGeneratedWith (string mod, out Version modVersion)
 Retrieves the version that the specified mod was at when the world was generated. false will be returned for mods that were not enabled when the world was generated.The feature tracking which mods were used to generate a world was added in v2023.8, so modders should first check WorldGenModsRecorded to see if the mods used to generate the world were recorded at all.
- Public Member Functions inherited from FileData
string GetFileName (bool includeExtension=true)
abstract void MoveToCloud ()
abstract void MoveToLocal ()
abstract void SetAsActive ()
void SetFavorite (bool favorite, bool saveChanges=true)
void ToggleFavorite ()

Static Public Member Functions

static WorldFileData FromInvalidWorld (string path, bool cloudSave)

Public Attributes

LocalizedText _worldSizeName
bool Anniversary
DateTime CreationTime
bool DefeatedMoonlord
bool DontStarve
bool DrunkWorld
bool ForTheWorthy
int GameMode
bool HasCorruption = true
bool IsHardMode
bool IsValid = true
bool NoTrapsWorld
bool NotTheBees
bool RemixWorld
Guid UniqueId
ulong WorldGeneratorVersion
int WorldSizeX
int WorldSizeY
bool ZenithWorld
- Public Attributes inherited from FileData
FileMetadata Metadata
string Name
readonly string Type


bool HasCrimson [get, set]
bool HasValidSeed [get]
int Seed [get]
string SeedText [get]
bool UseGuidAsMapName [get]
bool WorldGenModsRecorded [get]
 If true, the mods used to generate this world have been saved and their version can be retrieved using TryGetModVersionGeneratedWith(string, out Version).If false, this world was generated before the feature tracking mods used to generate a world was added (v2023.8) and modders can't determine if a specific mod was enabled when the world was generated.
string WorldSizeName [get]
- Properties inherited from FileData
bool IsCloudSave [get]
bool IsFavorite [get]
string Path [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from FileData
 FileData (string type)
 FileData (string type, string path, bool isCloud)
- Protected Attributes inherited from FileData
bool _isCloudSave
bool _isFavorite
string _path

Member Function Documentation

◆ MoveToCloud()

override void WorldFileData.MoveToCloud ( )

Implements FileData.

◆ MoveToLocal()

override void WorldFileData.MoveToLocal ( )

Implements FileData.

◆ SetAsActive()

override void WorldFileData.SetAsActive ( )

Implements FileData.

◆ TryGetHeaderData< T >()

bool WorldFileData.TryGetHeaderData< T > ( out TagCompound  data)
Type Constraints
T :ModSystem 
T :TryGetHeaderData 
T :ModContent.GetInstance<T>() 
T :out 
T :data