tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
WorldGenConfiguration Class Reference

Inherits GameConfiguration.

Public Member Functions

 WorldGenConfiguration (JObject configurationRoot)
CreateBiome< T > ()
CreateBiome< T > (string name)
GameConfiguration GetPassConfiguration (string name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GameConfiguration
 GameConfiguration (JObject configurationRoot)
Get< T > (string entry)

Static Public Member Functions

static WorldGenConfiguration FromEmbeddedPath (string path)

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateBiome< T >() [1/2]

T WorldGenConfiguration.CreateBiome< T > ( )
Type Constraints
T :MicroBiome 
T :new() 
T :CreateBiome<T> 
T :typeof 
T :T 
T :Name 

◆ CreateBiome< T >() [2/2]

T WorldGenConfiguration.CreateBiome< T > ( string  name)
Type Constraints
T :MicroBiome 
T :new()