tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
WorldSections Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 WorldSections (int numSectionsX, int numSectionsY)
void ClearMapDraw ()
bool GetNextMapDraw (Vector2 playerPos, out int x, out int y)
bool MapSectionDrawn (int x, int y)
bool SectionFramed (int x, int y)
bool SectionLoaded (int x, int y)
bool SectionNeedsRefresh (int x, int y)
void SetAllFramedSectionsAsNeedingRefresh ()
void SetAllSectionsLoaded ()
void SetSectionAsRefreshed (int x, int y)
void SetSectionFramed (int x, int y)
void SetSectionLoaded (int x, int y)
void SetTilesLoaded (int startX, int startY, int endXInclusive, int endYInclusive)
bool TileLoaded (int tileX, int tileY)
 Checks if the tile at the specified tile coordinate has been loaded for this client in a multiplayer game session. In multiplayer, sections of tiles are sent when the player visits them, so much of the map will not be loaded for a client. until visited. Modders may need to check this for client code that could potentially access unloaded tiles.
bool TilesLoaded (int startX, int startY, int endXInclusive, int endYInclusive)

Static Public Attributes

const int BitIndex_SectionFramed = 1
const int BitIndex_SectionLoaded = 0
const int BitIndex_SectionMapDrawn = 2
const int BitIndex_SectionNeedsRefresh = 3


bool AnyNeedRefresh [get]
bool AnyUnfinishedSections [get]