tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Player.HurtModifiers Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void DisableDust ()
 Prevents dust from spawning
void DisableSound ()
 Prevents the hurt sound from playing
float GetDamage (float baseDamage, float defense, float defenseEffectiveness)
float GetKnockback (float baseKnockback, bool knockbackImmune)
delegate void HurtInfoModifier (ref HurtInfo info)
void SetMaxDamage (int limit)
 Sets an inclusive upper bound on the final damage of the hit.
Can be set by multiple mods, in which case the lowest limit will be used.
Cannot be set to less than 1
HurtInfo ToHurtInfo (int damage, int defense, float defenseEffectiveness, float knockback, bool knockbackImmune)

Public Attributes

AddableFloat ArmorPenetration = new()
 Flat defense reduction. Applies after ScalingArmorPenetration.

Consider supplying armorPenetration as an argument to Player.Hurt(PlayerDeathReason, int, int, bool, bool, int, bool, float, float, float) instead if possible.

StatModifier FinalDamage = new()
 Applied to the final damage result.
Used by Player.endurance to reduce overall incoming damage.

Multiply to grant damage reduction buffs (eg *0.9f for -10% damage taken).
Add to StatModifier.Base to deal damage which ignores armor, but still respects scaling damage reduction like endurance or paladins shield.
Adding to StatModifier.Flat will ignore all reductions or increases to deal unconditional damage. Not recommended due to potential compatibility issues with accessories like paladin's shield, use StatModifier.Base instead.
MultipliableFloat IncomingDamageMultiplier = new()
 Use this to reduce damage from certain sources before applying defense.
Used by vanilla for coldResist and banner damage reduction.
StatModifier Knockback = new()
 Modifiers to apply to the knockback. Add to StatModifier.Base to increase the knockback of the strike. Multiply to decrease or increase overall knockback susceptibility.
MultipliableFloat KnockbackImmunityEffectiveness = new()
 Use this to reduce the effectiveness of Player.noKnockback (cobalt shield accessory).
Eg, *0.8f to reduce knockback to 20% when cobalt shield is equipped.
Defaults to 1f (knockback immunity is 100% effective by default).
Used by vanilla for the ogre's launching attack.

AddableFloat ScalingArmorPenetration = new()
 Used to ignore a fraction of player defense. Applies before flat ArmorPenetration.

At 1f, the attack will completely ignore all defense.
StatModifier SourceDamage = new()
 Use this to enhance or scale the base damage of the NPC/projectile/hit.

Not used by vanilla due to lack of proper pvp support.
Use cases are similar to NPC.HitModifiers.SourceDamage



int CooldownCounter = ImmunityCooldownID.General [get]
 The ImmunityCooldownID of the strike
PlayerDeathReason DamageSource = default [get]
 The source of the strike.
Use PlayerDeathReason.TryGetCausingEntity to get the source of the strike (only safe to do when the target is the local player).
bool Dodgeable = true [get]
 Whether or not this strike was dodgeable.
int HitDirection = default [get]
 The direction to apply knockback. If 0, no knockback will be applied.
Could potentially be used for directional resistances.
Can be overridden by HitDirectionOverride
int? HitDirectionOverride = default [set]
 Overrides the direction to apply knockback.
Will not affect HitDirection, only the final HurtInfo.HitDirection
If set by multiple mods, only the last override will apply.
Intended for use by attacks which want to hit the player towards the source of the attack.
bool PvP = default [get]
 Whether or not this strike came from another player.
Note that PvP support in Terraria is rudimentary and inconsistent, so careful research and testing may be required.


HurtInfoModifier ModifyHurtInfo = null
 Use with caution and consider other alternatives first.
Can be used to register a callback to freely modify the HurtInfo produced by ToHurtInfo before it is returned
If multiple mods register different callbacks which modify the hurt info in different ways the results could be a mess!