tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
PlayerDrawSet Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void BoringSetup (Player player, List< DrawData > drawData, List< int > dust, List< int > gore, Vector2 drawPosition, float shadowOpacity, float rotation, Vector2 rotationOrigin)
void HeadOnlySetup (Player drawPlayer2, List< DrawData > drawData, List< int > dust, List< int > gore, float X, float Y, float Alpha, float Scale)

Public Attributes

Color ArkhalisColor
Color armGlowColor
int armGlowMask
int armorAdjust
bool armorHidesArms
bool armorHidesHands
bool backHairDraw
Vector2 backShoulderOffset
Color bodyGlowColor
int bodyGlowMask
Vector2 bodyVect
int cAngelHalo
int cBack
int cBackpack
int cBalloon
int cBalloonFront
int cBeard
int cBody
int cCarpet
int cFace
int cFaceFlower
int cFaceHead
int cFlameWaker
int cFloatingTube
int cFront
int cHandOff
int cHandOn
int cHead
int cLegs
int cLeinShampoo
int cNeck
Color colorArmorBody
Color colorArmorHead
Color colorArmorLegs
Color colorBodySkin
Color colorDisplayDollSkin
Color colorElectricity
Color colorEyes
Color colorEyeWhites
Color colorHair
Color colorHead
Color colorLegs
Color colorMount
Color colorPants
Color colorShirt
Color colorShoes
Color colorUnderShirt
Rectangle compBackArmFrame
Rectangle compBackShoulderFrame
Rectangle compFrontArmFrame
Rectangle compFrontShoulderFrame
float compositeBackArmRotation
float compositeFrontArmRotation
bool compShoulderOverFrontArm
Rectangle compTorsoFrame
int cPortableStool
int cShield
int cShoe
int cTail
int cUnicornHorn
int cWaist
int cWings
bool drawAngelHalo
List< DrawDataDrawDataCache
bool drawFloatingTube
bool drawFrontAccInNeckAccLayer
Player drawPlayer
bool drawsBackHairWithoutHeadgear
bool drawUnicornHorn
List< int > DustCache
Color floatingTubeColor
Vector2 frontShoulderOffset
bool fullHair
List< int > GoreCache
Rectangle hairBackFrame
int hairDyePacked
Rectangle hairFrontFrame
Vector2 hairOffset
bool hatHair
Color headGlowColor
int headGlowMask
bool headOnlyRender
Vector2 headVect
Item heldItem
bool heldProjOverHand
Vector2 helmetOffset
bool hideCompositeShoulders
bool hideEntirePlayer
bool hideHair
bool hidesBottomSkin
bool hidesTopSkin
bool isBottomOverriden
bool isSitting
bool isSleeping
Color itemColor
SpriteEffects itemEffect
Vector2 ItemLocation
Color legsGlowColor
int legsGlowMask
Vector2 legsOffset
Vector2 legVect
float mountOffSet
SpriteEffects playerEffect
Vector2 Position
int projectileDrawPosition
float rotation
Vector2 rotationOrigin
float seatYOffset
Color selectionGlowColor
float shadow
int sittingIndex
int skinDyePacked
int skinVar
float stealth
float torsoOffset
bool usesCompositeBackHandAcc
bool usesCompositeFrontHandAcc
bool usesCompositeTorso
WeaponDrawOrder weaponDrawOrder
bool weaponOverFrontArm


Vector2 Center [get]