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ResourceOverlayDrawContext Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 ResourceOverlayDrawContext (PlayerStatsSnapshot snapshot, IPlayerResourcesDisplaySet displaySet, int resourceNumber, Asset< Texture2D > texture)
 Creates a context for drawing resources from a display set More...
void Draw ()

Public Attributes

Color color
SpriteEffects effects
Vector2 origin
 The center for rotation and scaling within the source rectangle
Vector2 position
readonly int resourceNumber
 Which heart/star/bar/panel is being drawn
NOTE: This value usually starts at 0, but it can start at other values
float rotation
Vector2 scale
readonly PlayerStatsSnapshot snapshot
 A snapshot of the player's health and mana stats
Rectangle? source
 The slice of the texture to draw
null represents the entire texture
Asset< Texture2D > texture


IPlayerResourcesDisplaySet DisplaySet [get]
 The resource display set that this context is drawing from
SpriteBatch SpriteBatch [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ResourceOverlayDrawContext()

ResourceOverlayDrawContext.ResourceOverlayDrawContext ( PlayerStatsSnapshot  snapshot,
IPlayerResourcesDisplaySet  displaySet,
int  resourceNumber,
Asset< Texture2D >  texture 

Creates a context for drawing resources from a display set

snapshotA snapshot of a player's life and mana stats
displaySetThe display set that this context is for
resourceNumberThe resource number within the resource set
textureThe texture being drawn