tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
TileWallWireStateData Struct Reference

Inherits ITileData.

Public Member Functions

void SetAllBitsClearFrame (int nonFrameBits)
 Intended to be used to set all the persistent data about a tile. For example, when loading a schematic from serialized NonFrameBits.

Public Attributes

short TileFrameX
short TileFrameY


BlockType BlockType [get, set]
bool BlueWire [get, set]
bool GreenWire [get, set]
bool HasActuator [get, set]
bool HasTile [get, set]
bool IsActuated [get, set]
bool IsHalfBlock [get, set]
int NonFrameBits [get]
bool RedWire [get, set]
SlopeType Slope [get, set]
byte TileColor [get, set]
int TileFrameNumber [get, set]
byte WallColor [get, set]
int WallFrameNumber [get, set]
int WallFrameX [get, set]
int WallFrameY [get, set]
int WireData [get, set]
bool YellowWire [get, set]