tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
UIGamepadHelper Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

UILinkPoint[,] CreateUILinkPointGrid (ref int currentID, List< SnapPoint > pointsForGrid, int pointsPerLine, UILinkPoint topLinkPoint, UILinkPoint leftLinkPoint, UILinkPoint rightLinkPoint, UILinkPoint bottomLinkPoint)
UILinkPoint[] CreateUILinkStripHorizontal (ref int currentID, List< SnapPoint > currentStrip)
UILinkPoint[] CreateUILinkStripVertical (ref int currentID, List< SnapPoint > currentStrip)
void CullPointsOutOfElementArea (SpriteBatch spriteBatch, List< SnapPoint > pointsAtMiddle, UIElement container)
UILinkPoint GetLinkPoint (int id, UIElement element)
List< SnapPointGetOrderedPointsByCategoryName (List< SnapPoint > pts, string name)
UILinkPoint[] GetVerticalStripFromCategoryName (ref int currentID, List< SnapPoint > pts, string categoryName)
void LinkHorizontalStripBottomSideToSingle (UILinkPoint[] strip, UILinkPoint theSingle)
void LinkHorizontalStripUpSideToSingle (UILinkPoint[] strip, UILinkPoint theSingle)
void LinkVerticalStripBottomSideToSingle (UILinkPoint[] strip, UILinkPoint theSingle)
void LinkVerticalStripRightSideToSingle (UILinkPoint[] strip, UILinkPoint theSingle)
void LinkVerticalStrips (UILinkPoint[] stripOnLeft, UILinkPoint[] stripOnRight, int leftStripStartOffset)
UILinkPoint MakeLinkPointFromSnapPoint (int id, SnapPoint snap)
void MoveToVisuallyClosestPoint (int idRangeStartInclusive, int idRangeEndExclusive)
void MoveToVisuallyClosestPoint (List< UILinkPoint > lostrefpoints)
void PairLeftRight (UILinkPoint leftSide, UILinkPoint rightSide)
void PairUpDown (UILinkPoint upSide, UILinkPoint downSide)
void RemovePointsOutOfView (List< SnapPoint > pts, UIElement containerPanel, SpriteBatch spriteBatch)
UILinkPoint TryMakeLinkPoint (ref int id, SnapPoint snap)
void TryMovingBackIntoCreativeGridIfOutOfIt (int start, int currentID)