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Terraria.DataStructures.PlayerDeathReason Class Reference

Public Member Functions

NetworkText GetDeathText (string deadPlayerName)
bool TryGetCausingEntity (out Entity entity)
void WriteSelfTo (BinaryWriter writer)

Static Public Member Functions

static PlayerDeathReason ByCustomReason (string reasonInEnglish)
static PlayerDeathReason ByNPC (int index)
static PlayerDeathReason ByOther (int type)
static PlayerDeathReason ByPlayer (int index)
static PlayerDeathReason ByProjectile (int playerIndex, int projectileIndex)
static PlayerDeathReason FromReader (BinaryReader reader)
static PlayerDeathReason LegacyDefault ()
static PlayerDeathReason LegacyEmpty ()


ref string SourceCustomReason [get]
ref int SourceItemPrefix [get]
ref int SourceItemType [get]
ref int SourceNPCIndex [get]
ref int SourceOtherIndex [get]
ref int SourcePlayerIndex [get]
ref int SourceProjectileIndex [get]
int? SourceProjectileType [get, set]