tModLoader v2022.09
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.GameContent.Liquid.LiquidRenderer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Draw (SpriteBatch spriteBatch, Vector2 drawOffset, int waterStyle, float alpha, bool isBackgroundDraw)
Rectangle GetCachedDrawArea ()
float GetVisibleLiquid (int x, int y)
bool HasFullWater (int x, int y)
void PrepareDraw (Rectangle drawArea)
void SetWaveMaskData (ref Texture2D texture)
void Update (GameTime gameTime)

Static Public Member Functions

static void LoadContent ()

Public Attributes

Asset< Texture2D >[] _liquidTextures = new Asset<Texture2D>[13]

Static Public Attributes

static LiquidRenderer Instance
const float MIN_LIQUID_SIZE = 0.25f


Action< Color[], Rectangle > WaveFilters