tModLoader v2022.09
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Terraria.GameContent.TeleportPylonsSystem Class Reference

Inherits Terraria.GameContent.IOnPlayerJoining.

Public Member Functions

void AddForClient (TeleportPylonInfo info)
void HandleTeleportRequest (TeleportPylonInfo info, int playerIndex)
bool HasAnyPylon ()
bool HasPylonOfType (TeleportPylonType pylonType)
void OnPlayerJoining (int playerIndex)
void RemoveForClient (TeleportPylonInfo info)
void RequestImmediateUpdate ()
void RequestTeleportation (TeleportPylonInfo info, Player player)
void Reset ()
void Update ()
void OnPlayerJoining (int playerIndex)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool DoesPositionHaveEnoughNPCs (int necessaryNPCCount, Point16 centerPoint)
static bool IsPlayerNearAPylon (Player player)
static void SpawnInWorldDust (int tileStyle, Rectangle dustBox)


IReadOnlyList< TeleportPylonInfoPylons [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnPlayerJoining()

void Terraria.GameContent.TeleportPylonsSystem.OnPlayerJoining ( int  playerIndex)