tModLoader v2022.09
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.GameContent.TownRoomManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void AddOccupantsToList (int x, int y, List< int > occupantsList)
void AddOccupantsToList (Point tilePosition, List< int > occupants)
bool CanNPCsLiveWithEachOther (int npc1ByType, NPC npc2)
bool CanNPCsLiveWithEachOther (NPC npc1, NPC npc2)
bool CanNPCsLiveWithEachOther_ShopHelper (NPC npc1, NPC npc2)
void Clear ()
void DisplayRooms ()
byte GetHouseholdStatus (NPC n)
bool HasRoom (int npcID, out Point roomPosition)
bool HasRoomQuick (int npcID)
void KickOut (int npcType)
void KickOut (NPC n)
void Load (BinaryReader reader)
void Save (BinaryWriter writer)
void SetRoom (int npcID, int x, int y)
void SetRoom (int npcID, Point pt)

Static Public Attributes

static object EntityCreationLock = new object()