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Terraria.Graphics.Capture.CaptureBiome Class Reference


class  Sets
class  Styles

Public Types

enum  TileColorStyle {
  Normal , Jungle , Crimson , Corrupt ,

Public Member Functions

 CaptureBiome (int backgroundIndex, int waterStyle, TileColorStyle tileColorStyle=TileColorStyle.Normal)

Static Public Member Functions

static CaptureBiome GetCaptureBiome (int biomeChoice)

Public Attributes

readonly int BackgroundIndex
readonly TileColorStyle TileColor
readonly int WaterStyle

Static Public Attributes

static CaptureBiome[] BiomesByWaterStyle
static readonly CaptureBiome DefaultPurity = new CaptureBiome(0, 0)

Member Data Documentation

◆ BiomesByWaterStyle

CaptureBiome [] Terraria.Graphics.Capture.CaptureBiome.BiomesByWaterStyle
Initial value:
= new CaptureBiome[15] {
new CaptureBiome(1, 2, TileColorStyle.Corrupt),
new CaptureBiome(3, 3, TileColorStyle.Jungle),
new CaptureBiome(6, 4),
new CaptureBiome(7, 5),
new CaptureBiome(2, 6),
new CaptureBiome(0, 7),
new CaptureBiome(0, 8),
new CaptureBiome(0, 9),
new CaptureBiome(8, 10, TileColorStyle.Crimson),
new CaptureBiome(2, 12),
new CaptureBiome(4, 0),
new CaptureBiome(9, 7, TileColorStyle.Mushroom)