tModLoader v2022.09
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.ModLoader.IO.TagCompound Class Reference

Inherits IEnumerable< KeyValuePair< string, object > >, and ICloneable.

Public Member Functions

void Add (KeyValuePair< string, object > entry)
void Add (string key, object value)
void Clear ()
object Clone ()
bool ContainsKey (string key)
Get< T > (string key)
double GetAsDouble (string key)
int GetAsInt (string key)
long GetAsLong (string key)
short GetAsShort (string key)
bool GetBool (string key)
byte GetByte (string key)
byte[] GetByteArray (string key)
TagCompound GetCompound (string key)
double GetDouble (string key)
IEnumerator< KeyValuePair< string, object > > GetEnumerator ()
float GetFloat (string key)
int GetInt (string key)
int[] GetIntArray (string key)
IList< T > GetList< T > (string key)
long GetLong (string key)
short GetShort (string key)
string GetString (string key)
bool Remove (string key)
void Set (string key, object value, bool replace=false)
override string ToString ()
bool TryGet< T > (string key, out T value)


int Count [get]
object this[string key] [get, set]