tModLoader v2022.09
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.ModLoader.PlantLoader Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static bool Exists (int plantTileID, int growsOnTileID)
static T Get< T > (int plantTileID, int growsOnTileID)
static Asset< Texture2D > GetCactusFruitTexture (int type)
static TreeTypes GetModTreeType (int type)
static Asset< Texture2D > GetTexture (int plantId, int tileType)
static ITree GetTree (int type)
static void GetTreeLeaf (int type, ref int leafGoreType)
static bool ShakeTree (int x, int y, int type, ref bool createLeaves)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Get< T >()

static T Terraria.ModLoader.PlantLoader.Get< T > ( int  plantTileID,
int  growsOnTileID 
Type Constraints
T :IPlant