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Terraria.DataStructures.BossBarDrawParams Struct Reference

Holds data required for boss bar drawing. More...

Public Member Functions

 BossBarDrawParams (Texture2D barTexture, Vector2 barCenter, Texture2D iconTexture, Rectangle iconFrame, Color iconColor, float lifePercentToShow, float shieldPercentToShow=0f, float iconScale=1f)
void Deconstruct (out Texture2D barTexture, out Vector2 barCenter, out Texture2D iconTexture, out Rectangle iconFrame, out Color iconColor, out float lifePercentToShow, out float shieldPercentToShow, out float iconScale)

Public Attributes

Vector2 BarCenter
 The screen position of the center of the bar.
Texture2D BarTexture
 The texture with fixed dimensions (516x348) containing all the necessary parts.
Color IconColor
 The tint of the icon.
Rectangle IconFrame
 The icon textures frame.
float IconScale
 The scale the icon is drawn with. Defaults to 1f, modify if icon is bigger or smaller than 26x28.
Texture2D IconTexture
 The displayed icon texture.
float LifePercentToShow
 The % the bar should be filled with.
float ShieldPercentToShow
 The % the shield bar should be filled with. Defaults to 0f (no shield drawn).

Detailed Description

Holds data required for boss bar drawing.