tModLoader v2022.09
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.Mount Class Reference


class  MountData
class  MountDelegatesData

Public Member Functions

void AbilityRecovery ()
bool AimAbility (Player mountedPlayer, Vector2 mousePosition)
bool CanFly ()
bool CanHover ()
bool CanMount (int m, Player mountingPlayer)
bool CheckBuff (int buffID)
void CheckMountBuff (Player mountedPlayer)
void Dismount (Player mountedPlayer)
void Draw (List< DrawData > playerDrawData, int drawType, Player drawPlayer, Vector2 Position, Color drawColor, SpriteEffects playerEffect, float shadow)
void FatigueRecovery ()
bool FindTileHeight (Vector2 position, int maxTilesDown, out float tileHeight)
bool Flight ()
int GetIntendedGroundedFrame (Player mountedPlayer)
IEntitySource GetProjectileSpawnSource (Player mountedPlayer)
bool Hover (Player mountedPlayer)
int JumpHeight (Player player, float xVelocity)
float JumpSpeed (Player player, float xVelocity)
void Reset ()
void ResetFlightTime (float xVelocity)
void ResetHeadPosition ()
void SetMount (int m, Player mountedPlayer, bool faceLeft=false)
void StartAbilityCharge (Player mountedPlayer)
void StopAbilityCharge ()
void TryBeginningFlight (Player mountedPlayer, int state)
void TryLanding (Player mountedPlayer)
void UpdateDrill (Player mountedPlayer, bool controlUp, bool controlDown)
void UpdateEffects (Player mountedPlayer)
void UpdateFrame (Player mountedPlayer, int state, Vector2 velocity)
void UseAbility (Player mountedPlayer, Vector2 mousePosition, bool toggleOn)
void UseDrill (Player mountedPlayer)

Static Public Member Functions

static int GetHeightBoost (int MountType)
static Vector2 GetMinecartMechPoint (Player mountedPlayer, int offX, int offY)
static void Initialize ()

Public Attributes

bool _abilityActive
int _abilityCharge
bool _abilityCharging
int _abilityCooldown
int _abilityDuration
bool _active
bool _aiming
MountData _data
List< DrillDebugDraw_debugDraw
float _fatigue
float _fatigueMax
bool _flipDraw
int _flyTime
int _frame
float _frameCounter
int _frameExtra
float _frameExtraCounter
int _frameState
int _idleTime
int _idleTimeNext
object _mountSpecificData
int _type

Static Public Attributes

static int currentShader = 0
const int DrawBack = 0
const int DrawBackExtra = 1
const int DrawFront = 2
const int DrawFrontExtra = 3
static int drillBeamCooldownMax = 1
static Vector2 drillDiodePoint1 = new Vector2(36f, -6f)
static Vector2 drillDiodePoint2 = new Vector2(36f, 8f)
static int drillPickPower = 210
static int drillPickTime = 6
const float drillRotationChange = (float)Math.PI / 60f
static Vector2 drillTextureSize
const int drillTextureWidth = 80
const int FrameDashing = 5
const int FrameFlying = 3
const int FrameInAir = 2
const int FrameRunning = 1
const int FrameStanding = 0
const int FrameSwimming = 4
const float maxDrillLength = 48f
static MountData[] mounts
const int scutlixBaseDamage = 50


bool AbilityActive [get]
float AbilityCharge [get]
bool AbilityCharging [get]
float Acceleration [get]
bool Active [get]
bool AllowDirectionChange [get]
bool AutoJump [get]
bool BlockExtraJumps [get]
int BodyFrame [get]
int BuffType [get]
bool Cart [get]
float DashSpeed [get]
MountDelegatesData Delegations [get]
bool Directional [get]
float FallDamage [get]
int FlyTime [get]
int HeightBoost [get]
bool IsConsideredASlimeMount [get]
Vector2 Origin [get]
int PlayerHeadOffset [get]
int PlayerOffset [get]
int PlayerOffsetHitbox [get]
float RunSpeed [get]
int Type [get]
int XOffset [get]
int YOffset [get]