tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
AchievementManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void ClearAll ()
List< AchievementCreateAchievementsList ()
Achievement GetAchievement (string achievementName)
AchievementCondition GetCondition (string achievementName, string conditionName)
GetCondition< T > (string achievementName, string conditionName)
int GetIconIndex (string achievementName)
void Load ()
void Register (Achievement achievement)
void RegisterAchievementCategory (string achievementName, AchievementCategory category)
void RegisterIconIndex (string achievementName, int iconIndex)
void Save ()


Achievement.AchievementCompleted OnAchievementCompleted

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCondition< T >()

T AchievementManager.GetCondition< T > ( string  achievementName,
string  conditionName 
Type Constraints
T :AchievementCondition 
T :GetCondition 
T :achievementName 
T :conditionName 
T :as 
T :T