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This class contains a more human-readable name for every single Game Tip created by Vanilla. More...

Static Public Attributes

static readonly int AcornsGrowTrees = 41
 "You can plant Acorns to grow new trees."
static readonly int ArmorSetBonus = 47
 "Wearing a full set of armor crafted from the same material gives you an extra bonus."
static readonly int ArmsDealerNeedsGunToMoveIn = 79
 "The Arms Dealer knows more about guns than anyone. If you find one, he might move in."
static readonly int AskGuideForCraftingRecipes = 106
 "Find a cool new Material? Want to know what you can make? Check with your friendly neighborhood Guide!"
static readonly int BlockSwapUsage = 98
 "With the Block Swap mechanic enabled, you can replace one block with another directly, rather than having to mine it first."
static readonly int BloodMoonZombieDoorOpening = 8
 "During a Blood Moon, Zombies can open doors."
static readonly int BoneMerchantLocation = 95
 "Not all Skeletons are evil. Some are even known to sell unique items to those that can find them."
static readonly int BossesBetterWithFriends = 17
 "Bosses are easier to defeat with friends."
static readonly int BoundNPCsInWorld = 7
 "Sometimes you can find NPCs hidden around the World."
static readonly int BowsAndGunsNeedAmmo = 18
 "Bows and guns require the proper ammo in your Ammo Slots."
static readonly int BunnyKillingIsCruel = 30
 "Killing Bunnies is cruel. Period."
static readonly int ButtonRemappingInControlsMenu = 25
 "Advanced players may wish to remap their buttons; you can do this from the Controls Menu in Settings."
static readonly int CameraZoomFunctionality = 102
 "Press the + and - keys to zoom in & out! Focus on what matters!"
static readonly int CanWearBucketsOnHead = 27
 "You can wear Buckets on your head!"
static readonly int CloudInABalloonCrafting = 43
 "The Cloud in a Bottle and Shiny Red Balloon accessories both improve your ability to jump. Combine them to make a Cloud in a Balloon."
static readonly int CloudsPreventFallDamage = 100
 "Clouds are nice and soft, and you won't get hurt falling on them no matter how far you fall."
static readonly int CobaltShieldKnockback = 52
 "If you're sick of getting knocked around, try equipping a Cobalt Shield. You can find one in the Dungeon."
static readonly int CorruptionCantSpreadInHallow = 38
 "The Hallow is the only place where Corruption and Crimson cannot spread."
static readonly int CorruptionHasChasms = 39
 "The Corruption is full of chasms. Mind the gaps."
static readonly int CraftHammerToDestroyWalls = 64
 "If you need to remove background walls, craft a hammer!"
static readonly int CreateMetalBarWithFurnace = 48
 "Build a Furnace to craft metal bars out of ore."
static readonly int CyborgSellsRockets = 93
 "If you like rockets, the Cyborg may have some for sale."
static readonly int DemolitionistNeedsExplosivesToMoveIn = 21
 "Keep an explosive in your inventory or a storage container to attract a Demolitionist to your house."
static readonly int DigDeeperForUnderworld = 34
 "If you dig deep enough, you'll end up in The Underworld!"
static readonly int DryadNeedsBossToMoveIn = 24
 "Slay a boss to attract a Dryad to your house. She can tell you the state of Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow in your World."
static readonly int DyesFromDyeTrader = 82
 "If you ever want to get stylish, try dyes! The Dye Trader can help you turn some materials into new dye colors."
static readonly int ExpertModeChallenge = 72
 "Looking for a challenge? Try Expert mode!"
static readonly int ExploreTheOceans = 86
 "It's worth it to explore your Oceans. You can find treasure, dyes, and even sleeping fishermen."
static readonly int ExplosivesAreDangerous = 108
 "Explosives are dangerous!\n...and effective..."
static readonly int ExtraPlatformOrWallConversion = 65
 "Got some extra walls or platforms? You can turn them back into their original materials!"
static readonly int FishingIsLucrative = 66
 "Fishing is a fantastic source of crafting ingredients, accessories, and loot crates!"
static readonly int FloatingIslandsInSky = 6
 "There are Floating Islands in the sky."
static readonly int FrostMoonStarting = 77
 "Feeling up for the chill of winter? Use a Naughty Present to summon the Frost Moon!"
static readonly int GamePadAutoReuse = 118
 "You can continuously use some items by holding down the {InputTrigger_UseOrAttack} button."
static readonly int GamePadAutoSelect = 124
 "Hold {InputTrigger_SmartSelect} to use Auto Select, a versatile feature that adapts to your environment. It will allow you to automatically hold your Torches in dark caves, Glowsticks when underwater, or even select the right tool for breaking something."
static readonly int GamePadControlLayouts = 128
 "There are multiple Gamepad control layouts available in the menu. Choose from Redigit's Pick, Yoraiz0r's Pick, Xbox, Playstation, or even make your own Custom settings!"
static readonly int GamePadCursorMode = 119
 "Press {InputTrigger_SmartCursor} to switch between Cursor Modes."
static readonly int GamePadCursorSnap = 129
 "If you select DPad Cursor Snap in the Gamepad settings, you can use the DPad for improved precision when mining or building."
static readonly int GamePadDPadFavoriting = 117
 "You can assign your favorite items to the DPad for rapid use by enabling DPad Hotbar in Gamepad Settings!"
static readonly int GamePadEnemyLockOn = 130
 "When using Gamepad, you can lock on to enemies by pressing {InputTrigger_LockOn}. Locked on targets will be marked by a spinning reticle, and long range weapons will automatically aim at your target!"
static readonly int GamePadFavoriting = 125
 "Press {InputTriggerUI_FavoriteItem} to Favorite an item. Favorited items can no longer be sold, thrown away, or dropped. No more accidentally losing your favorite items!"
static readonly int GamePadInventoryBuilding = 126
 "While navigating your Inventory, press {InputTriggerUI_BuildFromInventory} while highlighting a tool or block to build directly from your Inventory."
static readonly int GamePadQuickEquip = 123
 "In your Inventory, you can press {InputTrigger_QuickEquip} to equip items such as armor or accessories directly to a usable slot."
static readonly int GamePadQuickSelling = 121
 "When speaking to a vendor, you can sell items in your Inventory by pressing {InputTriggerUI_SellItem}."
static readonly int GamePadRadialHotbar = 127
 "Hold {InputTrigger_RadialQuickbar} and {InputTrigger_RadialHotbar} to bring up the Radial Quickbar and Radial Hotbar menus. These will allow you to quickly access potions, mounts, and the items in your hotbar."
static readonly int GamePadTorchRemoval = 122
 "You can remove Torches with {InputTrigger_InteractWithTile} or with a pickaxe."
static readonly int GamePadTrash = 120
 "If your Inventory is full, you can press {InputTriggerUI_Trash} to send items to the Trash."
static readonly int GlowingMushroomBiomeAndTruffles = 3
 "Mushroom Biomes can be grown above ground as well as below. Friendly Truffles will sometimes make themselves at home in Surface Mushroom Biomes."
static readonly int GlowsticksAndTorches = 10
 "Torches and Glowsticks can be a light for you in dark places when all other lights go out. Torches won't work underwater, but Glowsticks will."
static readonly int GoblinArmyCrowdControl = 56
 "When dealing with a Goblin Army, crowd control is key."
static readonly int GoblinTinkererLocation = 60
 "The Goblin Tinkerer found in Underground Caverns will sell you many useful items, including a Tinkerer's Workshop."
static readonly int GoodieBagsDuringHalloween = 99
 "Keep an eye out for Goodie Bags around Halloween. If you open them, you can find all sorts of spooky items. Trick or Treat!"
static readonly int GrapplingHooksForExploration = 53
 "Grappling Hooks are invaluable tools for exploration. Try crafting them with Hooks or gems."
static readonly int GuideVoodooDollToSummonWOF = 28
 "Defeat the boss in The Underworld to change the World forever. Find a Guide Voodoo Doll and hurl it into the infernal lava to summon him."
static readonly int HousesCanHavePlatformFloors = 54
 "A room in a house can have Wood Platforms as a floor or ceiling, but NPCs need at least one solid block to stand on."
static readonly int HousingUIInEquipmentMenu = 51
 "The Housing section of the Equipment Menu allows you to decide what rooms you want your NPCs to live in."
static readonly int InfoAccessoriesInInventory = 1
 "Info accessories don't need to be equipped to provide you and nearby friends with useful information; you can just leave them in your Inventory."
static readonly int KeyboardAutoReuse = 109
 "You can continuously use some items by holding down the {InputTrigger_UseOrAttack} button."
static readonly int KeyboardAutoSelect = 115
 "Hold {InputTrigger_SmartSelect} to use Auto Select, a versatile feature that adapts to your environment. It will allow you to automatically hold your Torches in dark caves, Glowsticks when underwater, or even select the right tool for breaking something."
static readonly int KeyboardCursorMode = 110
 "Press {InputTrigger_SmartCursor} to switch between Cursor Modes."
static readonly int KeyboardFavoriting = 116
 "Press {InputTriggerUI_FavoriteItem} and {InputTrigger_UseOrAttack} to Favorite an item. Favorited items can no longer be sold, thrown away, or dropped. No more accidentally losing your favorite items!"
static readonly int KeyboardQuickEquip = 114
 "In your Inventory, you can press {InputTrigger_InteractWithTile} to equip items such as armor or accessories directly to a usable slot."
static readonly int KeyboardQuickSelling = 112
 "When speaking to a vendor, you can sell items in your Inventory by pressing {InputTriggerUI_Trash} and {InputTrigger_UseOrAttack}."
static readonly int KeyboardTorchRemoval = 113
 "You can remove Torches with {InputTrigger_InteractWithTile} or with a pickaxe."
static readonly int KeyboardTrash = 111
 "If your Inventory is full, you can press {InputTriggerUI_Trash} and {InputTrigger_UseOrAttack} to send items to the Trash."
static readonly int LavaAndObsidianSkinPotion = 11
 "Don't fall into lava without drinking an Obsidian Skin Potion first!"
static readonly int LifeCrystalsForLifeIncrease = 14
 "Life Crystals are hidden around the World. Use them to increase your health."
static readonly int LifeFruitLocation = 69
 "Life Crystals not enough for you? Eventually, Life Fruit will grow in the Jungle, and can give you an extra boost to your health."
static readonly int LuckyHorseshoeFallDamage = 12
 "You won't take falling damage if you have a Lucky Horseshoe. Look for them in chests underground."
static readonly int MagicMirror = 5
 "If you find a Magic Mirror, you can use it to teleport back to your spawn point."
static readonly int ManaCrystalCrafting = 31
 "Falling Stars sometimes appear at night. Collect 5 of them to craft a Mana Crystal you can use to increase your Mana."
static readonly int MapPinging = 103
 "Have something on the Map to show a friend? Double click on the Map to ping a location for everyone to see!"
static readonly int MartianProbesSpawnInvasion = 73
 "Be careful around Martian Probes. If they scan you, they'll summon a Martian Invasion!"
static readonly int MechanicLocation = 80
 "The Mechanic got lost in the Dungeon. You'll have to help her out if you want her to move in."
static readonly int MerchantsNeedMoneyToMoveIn = 20
 "Merchants love money. If you save up enough, one might move in!"
static readonly int MinecartCraftingAndLocation = 68
 "Riding Minecarts is one of the best ways of getting around. You can build your own tracks, or find them Underground."
static readonly int MiningHelmet = 26
 "Wear a Mining Helmet if you don't want to use Torches."
static readonly int MoneyStealingInExpertMode = 97
 "If an enemy steals your money after you die in Expert Mode, hunt it down! If you defeat it, you can get your money back."
static readonly int MonstersSpawnWithoutWalls = 46
 "If your house doesn't have background walls, monsters will be able to spawn inside."
static readonly int MountMobilityAndUniqueness = 71
 "Mounts grant the player increased mobility and a variety of useful abilities. Each one is unique!"
static readonly int NeedHousingForTownNPCs = 22
 "Make sure you have valid housing with empty rooms, and you may attract new inhabitants to your World."
static readonly int NPCsWillRespawn = 107
 "Have some NPCs perished? Don't worry, they'll be back in the morning."
static readonly int NurseNeedsLifeCrystalToMoveIn = 81
 "Once you use a Life Crystal, a Nurse might move in! Speak to her for healing at any time . . . for a price, of course."
static readonly int ObsidianSkullWithHellstoneOrMeteorite = 13
 "Walking on Hellstone and Meteorite can burn you! Protect yourself by equipping an Obsidian Skull or similar accessory."
static readonly int OldManWithCurseIsClothier = 19
 "The Old Man at the Dungeon is a Clothier. If only someone could lift his curse..."
static readonly int OldOnesArmyInvasion = 75
 "Sometimes, enemies may even invade from other dimensions . . ."
static readonly int OrePickaxePowerRequirements = 16
 "Some ores require better pickaxes to mine."
static readonly int OverpoweredSand = 59
 "Sand is overpowered."
static readonly int PainterNeedsOtherNPCsToMoveIn = 85
 "Regular Wood and Stone not vibrant enough for you? A Painter will move in and sell paints if enough townsfolk move in."
static readonly int PartyGirlNeedsOtherNPCsToMoveIn = 88
 "The Party Girl won't move in unless your World is full of other townsfolk. Afterall, what's a party without lots of guests?"
static readonly int PetsAreBestFriends = 33
 "A pet can be your best friend."
static readonly int PirateInvasionAndTownNPC = 91
 "Pirates are so unpredictable. First they invade your world, and then they move into your houses!"
static readonly int PlatformsWhileExploring = 23
 "When exploring, it helps to keep some Platforms on hand. They can be crafted from numerous materials such as Wood, Glass, or even Bones."
static readonly int PotionCraftingWithBottle = 45
 "To craft potions, place a Bottle on a Table to make an Alchemy Station. Double, double, toil and trouble!"
static readonly int PumpkingMoonStarting = 76
 "A Pumpkin Medallion can be used to summon the Pumpkin Moon. Spooky!"
static readonly int PwnHammerForAltars = 29
 "Demon Altars and Crimson Altars can't be destroyed with a normal hammer. You have to pwn them."
static readonly int RocketScienceAndBoots = 42
 "Rocket science gave us Rocket Boots."
static readonly int RopeAndRopeCoils = 2
 "Rope can really help you get around while exploring caves. You can even craft it into a Rope Coil which can be thrown and automatically unfolds!"
static readonly int SandstormWarning = 78
 "When a Sandstorm hits, deserts can be very dangerous. New enemies, reduced visibility, and it can even be hard to move!"
static readonly int SantaClausDuringChristmasSeason = 35
 "Santa Claus is real. He comes to town after the Frost Legion is defeated (and 'tis the season)."
static readonly int SeedsForPotionIngredients = 62
 "Seeds can be used to grow a variety of useful ingredients for crafting potions."
static readonly int ShadowOrbsDestruction = 55
 "You can destroy Shadow Orbs and Crimson Hearts with a hammer or explosives, but prepare yourself for the forces they unleash."
static readonly int SilkCrafting = 49
 "You can harvest Cobwebs and turn them into Silk. You can use Silk to craft beds, sofas, and more!"
static readonly int SnowGlobalSummonsFrostLegion = 36
 "Don't shake a Snow Globe unless you want to summon the Frost Legion."
static readonly int SolarEclipseCreepyMonsters = 74
 "During a Solar Eclipse, be on the lookout for tons of strange and creepy monsters."
static readonly int SpawnPointSettingWithBed = 4
 "You can change your spawn point by placing and using a bed."
static readonly int SpredHallowWithSeedsOrWater = 37
 "You can use Hallowed Seeds, Holy Water, or Pearlstone to make Hallow spread."
static readonly int SteampunkerNeedsMechDeadToMoveIn = 92
 "If you ever defeat any giant robots, a Steampunker might move in to your World."
static readonly int StoreMoneyInBank = 44
 "If you store your Coins in a Chest or Piggy Bank, you will be less likely to lose them."
static readonly int StylistLocation = 84
 "If you need a new haircut, go check out a nearby Spider Biome. Stylists always end up lost in them!"
static readonly int SummonerTargeting = 101
 "Did you know you can order your Summons to attack a specific target? While holding a Summoning Weapon, Right Click an enemy!"
static readonly int SuspiciousItemWarning = 58
 "Use 'suspicious looking items' at your own risk!"
static readonly int TavernkeepOrigins = 83
 "The Tavernkeep is a guest from a faraway land called Etheria."
static readonly int TaxCollectorNeedsToBePurified = 90
 "The Tax Collector spends his days wandering the Underworld as a Tortured Soul. If only there were a way to purify him . . ."
static readonly int TimeHealsWounds = 40
 "Time heals all wounds."
static readonly int TorchesCrafting = 15
 "Torches require Wood and Gel to craft. Gel can be obtained by defeating slimes."
static readonly int TrapWarning = 105
 "Enemies aren't the only danger when exploring Underground. Watch out for traps too!"
static readonly int TravellingMerchantStaysTemporarily = 94
 "The Traveling Merchant never stays in one place for long, but he always brings different wares when he visits!"
static readonly int UseAchievementGuideForHelp = 96
 "Not sure what to do next? Take a look at the Achievement Guide for a clue!"
static readonly int UseMapWhenLost = 63
 "If you get lost or need to find another player, open the World Map."
static readonly int UseSafeOrPiggyBank = 0
 "Other players can loot your chests! If you don't trust them, use a Safe or Piggy Bank; those items have storage that is exclusive to each player."
static readonly int UseSylistForNewHair = 70
 "Change your clothes in game at a Dresser or talk to the Stylist for a new hairdo."
static readonly int ValidHousingCheckInHousingUI = 61
 "You can check if a room is valid housing from the Housing section of the Inventory Menu."
static readonly int VoidBagUsage = 104
 "The Void Bag is a magical artifact that will store items for you when your inventory is full."
static readonly int WatchOutForMeteorites = 32
 "Watch out for Meteorites!"
static readonly int WaterBreaksFall = 9
 "Water will break your fall."
static readonly int WingsAllowFlight = 67
 "Nothing improves your mobility like Wings. Who wouldn't want to fly?"
static readonly int WiresFromMechanic = 50
 "You can buy Wires from the Mechanic and use them to create traps, pumping systems, or other elaborate devices."
static readonly int WitchDoctorNeedsQueenBeeToMoveIn = 87
 "You could get a Witch Doctor to come to your World if you defeat the Queen Bee."
static readonly int WizardLocation = 89
 "The Wizard sells some useful magic artifacts, but he has a tendency to wander off Underground."
static readonly int WizardsUseManaFlowers = 57
 "The best wizards around use Mana Flowers."

Detailed Description

This class contains a more human-readable name for every single Game Tip created by Vanilla.