tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Netplay Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void AddBan (int plr)
static void AddCurrentServerToRecentList ()
static int GetSectionX (int x)
static int GetSectionY (int y)
static void Initialize ()
static void InvalidateAllOngoingIPSetAttempts ()
static bool IsBanned (RemoteAddress address)
static void OnConnectedToSocialServer (ISocket client)
static void ResetSections ()
static bool SetRemoteIP (string remoteAddress)
static void SetRemoteIPAsync (string remoteAddress, Action successCallBack)
static bool SetRemoteIPOld (string remoteAddress)
static void SocialClientLoop (object threadContext)
static void StartBroadCasting ()
static void StartServer ()
static void StartSocialClient (ISocket socket)
static void StartTcpClient ()
static void StopBroadCasting ()
static void TcpClientLoop ()
static void UpdateInMainThread ()

Static Public Attributes

static IStaticPortMappingCollection _mappings
static UPnPNAT _upnpnat
static string BanFilePath = "banlist.txt"
static RemoteClient[] Clients = new RemoteClient[256]
static RemoteServer Connection = new RemoteServer()
static bool Disconnect
static MessageBuffer fullBuffer = new MessageBuffer()
static bool HasClients
static bool IsListening = true
static int ListenPort = 7777
const int MaxConnections = 256
const int NetBufferSize = 1024
static bool SaveOnServerExit = true
static IPAddress ServerIP
static string ServerIPText = ""
static string ServerPassword = ""
static bool SpamCheck = false
static ISocket TcpListener
static bool UseUPNP = true


static Action OnDisconnect