tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
PlayerDrawLayers Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void DrawCompositeArmorPiece (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo, CompositePlayerDrawContext context, DrawData data)
static void DrawMeowcartTrail (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_01_2_JimsCloak (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_01_3_BackHead (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_01_BackHair (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_02_MountBehindPlayer (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_03_Carpet (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_03_PortableStool (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_04_ElectrifiedDebuffBack (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_05_2_SafemanSun (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_05_ForbiddenSetRing (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_06_WebbedDebuffBack (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_07_LeinforsHairShampoo (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_08_1_Tails (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_08_Backpacks (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static bool DrawPlayer_08_PlayerVisuallyHasFullArmorSet (PlayerDrawSet drawinfo, int head, int body, int legs)
static void DrawPlayer_09_Wings (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_10_BackAcc (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_11_Balloons (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_12_1_BalloonFronts (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_12_Skin (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_12_Skin_Composite (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_12_SkinComposite_BackArmShirt (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_13_Leggings (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_14_2_GlassSlipperSparkles (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_14_Shoes (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_15_SkinLongCoat (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_16_ArmorLongCoat (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_17_Torso (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_17_TorsoComposite (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_18_OffhandAcc (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_19_WaistAcc (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_20_NeckAcc (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_21_1_Magiluminescence (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_21_2_FinchNest (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_21_Head (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_22_FaceAcc (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_23_MountFront (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_24_Pulley (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_25_Shield (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_26_SolarShield (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_27_HeldItem (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_28_ArmOverItem (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_28_ArmOverItemComposite (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_29_OnhandAcc (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_30_BladedGlove (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_31_ProjectileOverArm (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_32_FrontAcc (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_32_FrontAcc_BackPart (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_32_FrontAcc_FrontPart (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_33_FrozenOrWebbedDebuff (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_34_ElectrifiedDebuffFront (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_35_IceBarrier (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_36_CTG (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_37_BeetleBuff (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_38_EyebrellaCloud (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_AddSelectionGlow (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_DrawSelectionRect (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_extra_MountMinus (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_extra_MountPlus (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_extra_TorsoMinus (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_extra_TorsoPlus (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static int DrawPlayer_Head_GetTVScreen (Player plr)
static void DrawPlayer_JimsDroneRadio (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_MakeIntoFirstFractalAfterImage (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_RenderAllLayers (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_RenderAllLayersSlow (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawPlayer_ScaleDrawData (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo, float scale)
static void DrawPlayer_TransformDrawData (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)
static void DrawStarboardRainbowTrail (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo, Vector2 commonWingPosPreFloor, Vector2 dirsVec)
static void DrawTiedBalloons (ref PlayerDrawSet drawinfo)

Static Public Attributes

static readonly PlayerDrawLayer ArmorLongCoat = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(ArmorLongCoat), DrawPlayer_16_ArmorLongCoat, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the currently equipped armor's longcoat, if it has one.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer ArmOverItem = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(ArmOverItem), DrawPlayer_28_ArmOverItem, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the player's main arm (including the armor's if applicable), when it should appear over the held item.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer BackAcc = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(BackAcc), DrawPlayer_10_BackAcc, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the player's back accessories.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Backpacks = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Backpacks), DrawPlayer_08_Backpacks)
 Draws the player's held item's backpack.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer BalloonAcc = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(BalloonAcc), DrawPlayer_11_Balloons)
 Draws the player's balloon accessory, if they have one.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer BeetleBuff = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(BeetleBuff), DrawPlayer_37_BeetleBuff)
 Draws the effects of Beetle Armor's Set buffs, if the player currently has any.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer BladedGlove = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(BladedGlove), DrawPlayer_30_BladedGlove, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the Bladed Glove item, if the player is currently using it.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer CaptureTheGem = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(CaptureTheGem), DrawPlayer_36_CTG)
 Draws a big gem above the player, if the player is currently in possession of a 'Capture The Gem' gem item.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Carpet = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Carpet), DrawPlayer_03_Carpet)
 Draws the Flying Carpet accessory, if the player has it equipped and is using it.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer ElectrifiedDebuffBack = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(ElectrifiedDebuffBack), DrawPlayer_04_ElectrifiedDebuffBack, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the back textures of the Electrified debuff, if the player has it.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer ElectrifiedDebuffFront = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(ElectrifiedDebuffFront), DrawPlayer_34_ElectrifiedDebuffFront)
 Draws the front textures of the Electrified debuff, if the player has it.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer EyebrellaCloud = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(EyebrellaCloud), DrawPlayer_38_EyebrellaCloud)
 Draws the effects of Eyebrella Cloud, if the player currently has it.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer FaceAcc = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(FaceAcc), DrawPlayer_22_FaceAcc, TorsoGroup, isHeadLayer: true)
 Draws the player's face accessory.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer FinchNest = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(FinchNest), DrawPlayer_21_2_FinchNest, TorsoGroup, isHeadLayer: false)
 Draws a finch nest on the player's head, if the player has a finch summoned.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer ForbiddenSetRing = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(ForbiddenSetRing), DrawPlayer_05_ForbiddenSetRing, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the 'Forbidden Sign' if the player has a full 'Forbidden Armor' set equipped.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer FrontAccBack = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(FrontAccBack), DrawPlayer_32_FrontAcc_BackPart, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the back part of player's front accessory.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer FrontAccFront
 Draws the front part of player's front accessory. More...
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer FrozenOrWebbedDebuff = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(FrozenOrWebbedDebuff), DrawPlayer_33_FrozenOrWebbedDebuff)
 Draws the front textures of either Frozen or Webbed debuffs, if the player has one of them.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer HairBack = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(HairBack), DrawPlayer_01_BackHair, TorsoGroup, isHeadLayer: true)
 Draws the player's under-headgear hair.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer HandOnAcc = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(HandOnAcc), DrawPlayer_29_OnhandAcc, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the player's hand on accessory.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Head = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Head), DrawPlayer_21_Head, TorsoGroup, isHeadLayer: true)
 Draws the player's head, including hair, armor, and etc.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer HeadBack = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(HeadBack), DrawPlayer_01_3_BackHead, TorsoGroup, isHeadLayer: true)
 Draws the back textures of the player's head, including armor.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer HeldItem
 Draws the player's held item. More...
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer IceBarrier = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(IceBarrier), DrawPlayer_35_IceBarrier)
 Draws the textures of the Ice Barrier buff, if the player has it.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer JimsCloak = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(JimsCloak), DrawPlayer_01_2_JimsCloak, TorsoGroup)
 Draws Jim's Cloak, if the player is wearing Jim's Leggings (a developer item).
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer JimsDroneRadio = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(JimsDroneRadio), DrawPlayer_JimsDroneRadio, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the pulley if the player is hanging on a rope.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Leggings = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Leggings), DrawPlayer_13_Leggings, condition: drawinfo => !(drawinfo.drawPlayer.wearsRobe && drawinfo.drawPlayer.body != 166))
 Draws the player's leg armor or pants and shoes.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer LeinforsHairShampoo = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(LeinforsHairShampoo), DrawPlayer_07_LeinforsHairShampoo, TorsoGroup, isHeadLayer: true)
 Draws effects of "Leinfors' Luxury Shampoo", if the player has it equipped.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer MountBack = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(MountBack), DrawPlayer_02_MountBehindPlayer)
 Draws the back textures of the player's mount.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer MountFront = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(MountFront), DrawPlayer_23_MountFront, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the front textures of the player's mount.
static readonly Transformation MountGroup = new VanillaPlayerDrawTransform(DrawPlayer_extra_MountPlus, DrawPlayer_extra_MountMinus, TorsoGroup)
 Adds PlayerDrawSet.mountOffSet/2 to PlayerDrawSet.Position vector's Y axis.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer NeckAcc = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(NeckAcc), DrawPlayer_20_NeckAcc, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the player's neck accessory.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer OffhandAcc = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(OffhandAcc), DrawPlayer_18_OffhandAcc, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the player's off-hand accessory.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer PortableStool = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(PortableStool), DrawPlayer_03_PortableStool)
 Draws the Step Stool accessory, if the player has it equipped and is using it.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer ProjectileOverArm = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(ProjectileOverArm), DrawPlayer_31_ProjectileOverArm)
 Draws the player's held projectile, if it should be drawn in front of the held item and arms.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Pulley = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Pulley), DrawPlayer_24_Pulley, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the pulley if the player is hanging on a rope.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Robe = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Robe), DrawPlayer_13_Leggings, condition: drawinfo => drawinfo.drawPlayer.wearsRobe && drawinfo.drawPlayer.body != 166)
 Draws the player's robe.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer SafemanSun = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(SafemanSun), DrawPlayer_05_2_SafemanSun, TorsoGroup)
 Draws a sun above the player's head if they have "Safeman's Sunny Day" headgear equipped.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Shield = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Shield), DrawPlayer_25_Shield, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the player's shield accessory.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Shoes = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Shoes), DrawPlayer_14_Shoes)
 Draws the player's shoes.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Skin = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Skin), DrawPlayer_12_Skin)
 Draws the player's body and leg skin.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer SkinLongCoat = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(SkinLongCoat), DrawPlayer_15_SkinLongCoat, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the longcoat default clothing style, if the player has it.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer SolarShield = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(SolarShield), DrawPlayer_26_SolarShield, MountGroup)
 Draws the player's solar shield if the player has one.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Tails = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Tails), DrawPlayer_08_1_Tails, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the player's tails vanities.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Torso = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Torso), DrawPlayer_17_Torso, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the player's body armor or shirts.
static readonly Transformation TorsoGroup = new VanillaPlayerDrawTransform(DrawPlayer_extra_TorsoPlus, DrawPlayer_extra_TorsoMinus)
 Adds PlayerDrawSet.torsoOffset to PlayerDrawSet.Position and PlayerDrawSet.ItemLocation vectors' Y axes.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer WaistAcc = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(WaistAcc), DrawPlayer_19_WaistAcc, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the player's waist accessory.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer WebbedDebuffBack = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(WebbedDebuffBack), DrawPlayer_06_WebbedDebuffBack, TorsoGroup)
 Draws the back textures of the Webbed debuff, if the player has it.
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Wings = new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(Wings), DrawPlayer_09_Wings)
 Draws the player's wings.


static Between AfterLastVanillaLayer [get]
static Between BeforeFirstVanillaLayer [get]
static PlayerDrawLayer FirstVanillaLayer [get]
static PlayerDrawLayer LastVanillaLayer [get]

Member Data Documentation

◆ FrontAccFront

readonly PlayerDrawLayer PlayerDrawLayers.FrontAccFront
Initial value:
= new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(FrontAccFront), DrawPlayer_32_FrontAcc_FrontPart,
position: new Multiple() {
{ new Between(FaceAcc, MountFront), drawinfo => drawinfo.drawFrontAccInNeckAccLayer },
{ new Between(BladedGlove, ProjectileOverArm), drawinfo => !drawinfo.drawFrontAccInNeckAccLayer }
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer MountFront
Draws the front textures of the player's mount.
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:108
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer FaceAcc
Draws the player's face accessory.
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:105
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer FrontAccFront
Draws the front part of player's front accessory.
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:158
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer ProjectileOverArm
Draws the player's held projectile, if it should be drawn in front of the held item and arms.
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:135
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer BladedGlove
Draws the Bladed Glove item, if the player is currently using it.
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:132

Draws the front part of player's front accessory.

◆ HeldItem

readonly PlayerDrawLayer PlayerDrawLayers.HeldItem
Initial value:
= new VanillaPlayerDrawLayer(nameof(HeldItem), DrawPlayer_27_HeldItem,
position: new Multiple() {
{ new Between(BalloonAcc, Skin), drawinfo => drawinfo.weaponDrawOrder == WeaponDrawOrder.BehindBackArm },
{ new Between(SolarShield, ArmOverItem), drawinfo => drawinfo.weaponDrawOrder == WeaponDrawOrder.BehindFrontArm },
{ new Between(BladedGlove, ProjectileOverArm), drawinfo => drawinfo.weaponDrawOrder == WeaponDrawOrder.OverFrontArm }
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer Skin
Draws the player's body and leg skin.
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:69
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer BalloonAcc
Draws the player's balloon accessory, if they have one.
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:66
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer SolarShield
Draws the player's solar shield if the player has one.
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:123
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer HeldItem
Draws the player's held item.
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:165
static readonly PlayerDrawLayer ArmOverItem
Draws the player's main arm (including the armor's if applicable), when it should appear over the hel...
Definition: PlayerDrawLayers.tML.cs:126

Draws the player's held item.