tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
SystemLoader Class Reference

This is where all ModSystem hooks are gathered and called. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CanWorldBePlayed (PlayerFileData playerData, WorldFileData worldData, out ModSystem rejector)
static void ClearWorld ()
static void ModifyGameTipVisibility (IReadOnlyList< GameTipData > tips)
static void ModifyHardmodeTasks (List< GenPass > passes)
static void ModifyInterfaceLayers (List< GameInterfaceLayer > layers)
static void ModifyLightingBrightness (ref float negLight, ref float negLight2)
static void ModifyScreenPosition ()
static void ModifySunLightColor (ref Color tileColor, ref Color backgroundColor)
static void ModifyTimeRate (ref double timeRate, ref double tileUpdateRate, ref double eventUpdateRate)
static void ModifyTransformMatrix (ref SpriteViewMatrix Transform)
static void ModifyWorldGenTasks (List< GenPass > passes, ref double totalWeight)
static void OnWorldLoad ()
static void OnWorldUnload ()
static void PostDrawFullscreenMap (ref string mouseText)
static void PostDrawInterface (SpriteBatch spriteBatch)
static void PostDrawTiles ()
static void PostUpdateDusts ()
static void PostUpdateEverything ()
static void PostUpdateGores ()
static void PostUpdateInput ()
static void PostUpdateInvasions ()
static void PostUpdateItems ()
static void PostUpdateNPCs ()
static void PostUpdatePlayers ()
static void PostUpdateProjectiles ()
static void PostUpdateTime ()
static void PostUpdateWorld ()
static void PostWorldGen ()
static void PreDrawMapIconOverlay (IReadOnlyList< IMapLayer > layers, MapOverlayDrawContext mapOverlayDrawContext)
static void PreSaveAndQuit ()
static void PreUpdateDusts ()
static void PreUpdateEntities ()
static void PreUpdateGores ()
static void PreUpdateInvasions ()
static void PreUpdateItems ()
static void PreUpdateNPCs ()
static void PreUpdatePlayers ()
static void PreUpdateProjectiles ()
static void PreUpdateTime ()
static void PreUpdateWorld ()
static void PreWorldGen ()
static void ResetNearbyTileEffects ()
static void TileCountsAvailable (ReadOnlySpan< int > tileCounts)
static void UpdateUI (GameTime gameTime)

Detailed Description

This is where all ModSystem hooks are gathered and called.