tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
WorldFile Class Reference


class  TilePacker

Static Public Member Functions

static void CacheSaveTime ()
static void CheckSavedOreTiers ()
static void ClearTempTiles ()
static WorldFileData CreateMetadata (string name, bool cloudSave, int GameMode)
static WorldFileData GetAllMetadata (string file, bool cloudSave)
static FileMetadata GetFileMetadata (string file, bool cloudSave)
static bool IsValidWorld (string file, bool cloudSave)
static void LoadBestiary (BinaryReader reader, int loadVersionNumber)
static void LoadChests (BinaryReader reader)
static void LoadCreativePowers (BinaryReader reader, int loadVersionNumber)
static void LoadDummies (BinaryReader reader)
static bool LoadFileFormatHeader (BinaryReader reader, out bool[] importance, out int[] positions)
static int LoadFooter (BinaryReader reader)
static void LoadHeader (BinaryReader reader)
static void LoadNPCs (BinaryReader reader)
static void LoadSigns (BinaryReader reader)
static void LoadTileEntities (BinaryReader reader)
static void LoadTownManager (BinaryReader reader)
static void LoadWeightedPressurePlates (BinaryReader reader)
static void LoadWorld (bool loadFromCloud)
static int LoadWorld_Version2 (BinaryReader reader)
static void LoadWorldTiles (BinaryReader reader, bool[] importance)
static void ResetTemps ()
static int SaveBestiary (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveChests (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveCreativePowers (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveFileFormatHeader (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveFooter (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveHeaderPointers (BinaryWriter writer, int[] pointers)
static int SaveNPCs (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveSigns (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveTileEntities (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveTownManager (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveWeightedPressurePlates (BinaryWriter writer)
static void SaveWorld ()
static void SaveWorld (bool useCloudSaving, bool resetTime=false)
static void SaveWorld_Version2 (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveWorldHeader (BinaryWriter writer)
static int SaveWorldTiles (BinaryWriter writer)
static void SetOngoingToTemps ()
static void ValidateLoadNPCs (BinaryReader fileIO)
static bool ValidateWorld (BinaryReader fileIO)

Static Public Attributes

static Exception LastThrownLoadException


static Action OnWorldLoad