tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Entity Class Reference

Inherited by Item, NPC, Player, and Projectile.

Public Member Functions

float AngleFrom (Vector2 Source)
float AngleTo (Vector2 Destination)
Vector2 DirectionFrom (Vector2 Source)
Vector2 DirectionTo (Vector2 Destination)
float Distance (Vector2 Other)
float DistanceSQ (Vector2 Other)
IEntitySource GetSource_CatchEntity (Entity caughtEntity, string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_Death (string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_DropAsItem (string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_FromAI (string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_FromThis (string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_GiftOrReward (string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_Loot (string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_Misc (string context)
IEntitySource GetSource_OnHit (Entity victim, string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_OnHurt (Entity? attacker, string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_ReleaseEntity (string? context=null)
IEntitySource GetSource_TileInteraction (int tileCoordsX, int tileCoordsY, string? context=null)
bool WithinRange (Vector2 Target, float MaxRange)

Static Public Member Functions

static IEntitySource GetSource_NaturalSpawn ()
static ? IEntitySource GetSource_None ()
static IEntitySource GetSource_TownSpawn ()
static ? IEntitySource InheritSource (Entity entity)

Public Attributes

bool active
 If true, the Entity actually exists within the game world. Within the specific entity array, if active is false, the entity is junk data. Always check active if iterating over the entity array. Another option for iterating is to use Main.ActivePlayers, Main.ActiveNPCs, Main.ActiveProjectiles, or Main.ActiveItems instead for simpler code.
int direction = 1
 The direction this entity is facing. A value of 1 means the entity is facing to the right. -1 means facing to the left.
int height
 The height of this Entity's hitbox, in pixels.
bool honeyWet
bool lavaWet
int oldDirection
Vector2 oldPosition
Vector2 oldVelocity
Vector2 position
 The position of this Entity in world coordinates. Note that this corresponds to the top left corner of the entity. Use Center instead for logic that needs the position at the center of the entity.
bool shimmerWet
Vector2 velocity
 The velocity of this Entity in world coordinates per tick.
bool wet
 The Entity is currently in water.
Projectile: Affects movement speed and some projectiles die when wet. Projectile.ignoreWater prevents this.
byte wetCount
int whoAmI
 The index of this Entity within its specific array. These arrays track the entities in the world.
Item: unused
Projectile: Main.projectile
NPC: Main.npc
Player: Main.player Note that Projectile.whoAmI is not consistent between clients in multiplayer for the same projectile.
int width
 The width of this Entity's hitbox, in pixels.


Vector2 Bottom [get, set]
Vector2 BottomLeft [get, set]
Vector2 BottomRight [get, set]
Vector2 Center [get, set]
 The center position of this entity in world coordinates. Calculated from position, width, and height.
Rectangle Hitbox [get, set]
Vector2 Left [get, set]
Vector2 Right [get, set]
Vector2 Size [get, set]
Vector2 Top [get, set]
Vector2 TopLeft [get, set]
Vector2 TopRight [get, set]
virtual Vector2 VisualPosition [get]